Why Boosty?

Those with slow home Broadband want faster speeds at little extra cost. And be simple to install. And want it NOW. This is where Boosty can help.

Boosty uses what you're already paying for; your home Broadband and your 3G / 4G smartphone's mobile connection. Together they make a powerful combination.

A small Boosty router is plugged into your home Broadband router and the BoostyLink app
is installed onto your 3G/4G smartphone. That's it!


Boosty controls how much traffic goes down each connection and balances giving you the best speeds whilst carefully using any mobile data. You can control how much mobile data Boosty uses every month to make sure you never have a mobile bill shock. For those that have larger mobile data allowances Boosty's turbo mode provides more immediate speed boosts at the expense of using more mobile data.

Households increasingly have multiple smartphones, each with unused mobile data. Boosty can pool that unused but paid for mobile data to help you at home.

As long as you have home Broadband up to 12Mbps and good mobile reception we should be able to help.