Test your connection

The Boosty service combines your home ADSL Broadband connection with your smartphone’s mobile connection to give you faster speeds and better reliability

What do I need?

We can estimate what Boosty is likely to do for you before you buy it. You need to:

  1. Be at home.
  2. Be connected to WiFi with your data enabled smart phone or tablet.
  3. Visit this page on your data enabled smart phone or tablet.
  4. Be sure that no one on your home network is downloading or using your broadband line at the same time.

If the connection test shows that your home Broadband connection is too fast for Boosty to improve speeds (you are on fibre optic for instance) but use Boosty for resilience only, please note there is a maximum speed cap of 40Mbps through the Boosty router. The service is designed for UK only customers at present.