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Who can Boosty help?

Boosty is designed to help people with slow home broadband across the UK (4Mbps or less) and have a good 3G or 4G mobile signal. You can check your speeds by visiting speed test services such as or

For those with faster home Broadband but who suffer frequent Internet outages, Boosty can provide a seamless failover solution, allowing your smartphone to be used in-place of your home Broadband connection until it returns.

What does that mean for me?

Let’s say you have a 4Mbps Broadband connection at home and a 3G or 4G smartphone. Rather than your downloads or video streams being restricted to just 4Mbps, they can be accelerated giving you up to 12Mbps. All this by better using the services you already pay for.

What is Boosty?

Boosty is a revolutionary service that speeds up your home Broadband by boosting it with the Broadband connection you already have in your pocket, your 3G or 4G smartphone. As well as giving you faster speeds Boosty can improve the reliability of your Broadband. If your home Broadband fails Boosty will automatically kick in and seamlessly deliver your home Internet access via your smartphone.

Buying Boosty

How do I buy a Boosty?

The Boosty starter pack is currently available direct from our website, and through select UK retailers.

Installing Boosty

How do I install Boosty?

We’ve made Boosty as intuitive as possible, so installation is a doddle. For guidance, please see here;

What is BoostyLink?

BoostyLink is a small app that is installed on your smartphone and allows its 3G or 4G connection to be combined with your home Broadband.


When you get home your smartphone will connect to your home Wi-Fi network as usual, then simply start the BoostyLink app to get faster speeds.

Using Wi-Fi hotspots

Can I connect Boosty to a Wi-Fi hotspot?

Yes. For full details on how to do this, please follow this link;

Using a 3G or 4G USB dongle

Can I use a USB dongle to access the mobile network?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve addressed everything you might need to know here;

IP addresses and ports

Do I get a fixed IP address with Boosty?

No. Because of the scarcity of IPv4 addresses customers will get a shared, non-exclusive IPv4 address. We have put together a series of helpful guides on how you can run incoming services, covering port mapping and IP restricted services here;