Boosty Basics

The Boosty service combines your home ADSL Broadband connection with your smartphone’s mobile connection to give you faster speeds and better reliability. This page contains all the key information you need to know about Boosty.


  • Home ADSL Broadband connection of up to 12Mbps in speed
  • A home ADSL Broadband Wi-Fi router with at least one free Ethernet port
  • A free USB port on your home ADSL Broadband router or a USB power adapter (not supplied)
  • A compatible* Android or iOS smartphone with good mobile reception (ideally 4G with 2 bar signal or a minimum of 2 bars of 3G). It’ll need to be configured to connect to your home Wi-Fi router

*Android 4.1.2 (or higher) or Apple iPhone running iOS 7.1.2 (or higher). We recommend iPhones run iOS 8.0 or above for best performance


Installation is simple with 2 easy steps

  1. Connect your Boosty router into the back of your home ADSL Broadband router using the supplied Ethernet cable and connect to a USB power source.
  2. Install the BoostyLink app on your smartphone and press start. That’s it!

Your smartphone connects to your existing home Wi-Fi network as normal. If your house has multiple smartphones you can install BoostyLink on all of them; Boosty chooses the best one to use.

In most households Boosty should work out of the box. In a small number of cases you may need to configure device or router settings for them to fully work with Boosty. A list of known routers that require additional configuration can be found here.


BoostyLink App

Our app allows you to control how much mobile data Boosty can use each month. Most people pay for far more than they use so Boosty puts it to good use, particularly in households with multiple smartphones.

You can leave BoostyLink to kick in extra capacity automatically, or you can control exactly when you need that extra speed burst - you decide.

BoostyLink for iOS provides best performance when location services are enabled on your device. portal

Boosty has a simple yet powerful web interface allowing you to see how your home network is performing and configure any settings. Some of its operations include;

  • Configure which devices are to be Boosted
  • See how much traffic is going over your home Broadband / how much over mobile
  • Control any port forwarding
  • Access to Boosty's support forum

The portal can be accessed from


Efficient Mobile Data Usage

Boosty tries to keep all traffic on your home Broadband connection wherever possible and only 'top it up' when absolutely necessary.

Only when your home Broadband connection is full for a short while does Boosty open up a little bit of your mobile connection, and increasingly does so until it gives you the speed you need. For example if you have a 2Mbps home Broadband connection and you wish to watch a 3Mbps video stream, Boosty will attempt to only put 1Mbps of traffic onto your smartphone's mobile connection.

Boosty balances giving you faster speeds whilst keeping mobile traffic to a minimum and may take a number of seconds to fully combine both lines. Boosty's Turbo feature, when activated, will bring in your mobile connection much quicker. This is ideal when you need the extra capacity near instantly, useful for speed testers and when you're in a rush.


Because Boosty connects to both your home Broadband connection and smartphone at the same time it can quickly and seamlessly carry on working in the event of any connection failures.

Router Types

Boosty has 2 router types at present;

  • Boosty non-USB edition which measures a tiny 42mm by 42mm and has Ethernet and power ports
  • Boosty USB edition which measures a slightly larger 67mm by 74mm but has in addition a USB port for connecting compatible USB dongles

Boosty may supply either router at its discretion, however if you specifically need the USB edition as you want to use a compatible 4G USB dongle, please contact customer services before you place your order.

What Boosty will give you

Boosty tries to find the best stable speed that your mobile connection can achieve and add that to the speed of your home Broadband connection to boost your home Broadband by up to 3 times. When combined Boosty can deliver up to 16Mbps, depending upon both connection speeds. When Boosty is used on lines faster than 12Mbps for resilience only your overall Broadband speed will be capped to around 40Mbps.

Before you buy you can test your connections and find out what Boosty can do for you.